Black Diamond won the 2017 Technology Innovation Award of Coating Industry

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On 24th May, the 2017 award ceremony of Coating Industry-Ringier Technology Innovation Award was held in shanghais. Hundreds of jury representatives, industrial media as well as award recipients witnessed the industrial event together.

BDMS relied on the new product – Pigment Carbon Black named PowCarbon®81 to win the Technology Innovation Award on the pigment category. Tina Gao, managing director of BDMS was invited to this award ceremony and gave the speech about innovative products and technical strength of BDMS.

BDMS is a national high-tech enterprise which committed to the technological innovation and product development for many years. BDMS has developed products including Environmental-friendly type carbon black 、Water-soluble carbon black、oxidized modified carbon black and is continuing on developing the comprehensive products for our customers.







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