2018 ChinaCoat Black Diamond Creates Another Legend

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On 6thDecember 2018, the 23rd ChinaCoat has come to a successful conclusion in Guangzhou Canton fair pavilion with full enjoyment from tens of thousands of coatings elites.

Black Diamond attracts massive attention and inquiry by introducing new products JETBLACK®80 and JETBLACK®90.

Why this new development can get such great attention? JETBLACK®80 and JETBLACK®90, with higher blackness/jetness, beautiful bluish shade and good transparency, solve universal technical problem that coatings with high jetness carbon black only brings yellowish shade, and finally get the great balance on blackness and bluish shade

Why customers choose Black Diamond? Black Diamond has many years of experience in research, development and application of pigment carbon black. Professional research and development team, perfect technical service team, 9 post-processing lines, and years of production experience give the strong backup for carbon black’s performance in coatings, inks, plastics industries etc.

Black Diamond appreciates customers for their long time support and recognition! We cherish and return by action.

We won’t forget our mission, and will keep on our efforts on technology and service to develop Chinese pigment carbon black industry!

Review of Coat Exhibition




From the first day of exhibition, Black Diamond booth was crowded by visitors from all over the world. Customers were impressed by Black Diamond product system, and they were busy taking photos, asking for relevant products information and samples, or consulting with sale staff.



The second day and the third, Black Diamond was still popular. We shared the technical achievement with customers, like ‘How about the application of carbon black in water-borne system?’ ‘What’s the progress of high-coloring pigment carbon black?’ ‘What is the key breakthrough of low dust carbon black?’ etc. New products not only attracted the attention of new customers, but also old customers. 

 Development is not achieved overnight. For many years, Black Diamond keeps ‘Industrial beauty of black’ in mind, focusing on quality, technology and service, finally becomes a high-tech enterprise step by step from a small company with several people.Primary Particle, blackness, tinting strength, dispersion agents, carbon black loading, dispersion, UV protection, conductivity… Every property is strictly tested layer by layer, not only through the theoretical calculation of technicians, but also through the actual testing of experimenters to ensure that every product is perfect.

Success only belongs to the strong-willed fighters. This Coatshow shows Black Diamond’s great job in 2018, what’s more, it will be the beginning for higher target and better future. 2019, Black Diamond is ready!

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