CHINAPLAS 2018 ended with a gorgeous rendering

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On April 24th, CHINAPLAS 2018 was held in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). Under the theme of“Innovation is the Key to the Future”, Black Diamond Material Science Co., Ltd. attended the exhibition with a new look of advanced technology, competed with 3948 exhibitors from 40 countries and regions all over the world.



The registered trademark YongFeng®、PowCarbon ®and BeaBlack ®of BDMS have a worldwild influence in carbon black industry, they were sold to around 70 countries and regions, market share ranks top class in the world.



During the exhibition, BDMS attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign customers. They greatly admired the advanced technical strength of BDMS in the pigment carbon black field. The superior quality and high cost performance of the products became the focus point.



BDMS focused on the display of environmental friendly carbon black, Fiber carbon black and color paste carbon black in this exhibition. As a well-known enterprise in the domestic pigment carbon black industry, BDMS will focus on technological innovation, use high quality as the basis, and promote the development of pigment carbon black industry in China.


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